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Companion Planting for Strawberries

what is companion planting?

If you’re thinking about planting strawberries, you may also want to consider what other plants might make good companions for them. Different plants can provide helpful benefits to each other when they’re grown close together, a process known as companion planting. When done right, companion planting can help improve yields, deter pests, and more. Here are some ideas of other plants that pair well with strawberries.

The benefits of companion planting for strawberries.

If you’re looking to up your strawberry game, consider companion planting. Companion planting is when you grow two or more different types of plants near each other. The plants can provide benefits to each other, like pest control or improved growth. Here are some benefits of companion planting for strawberries:

Pest control: One benefit of companion planting is that it can help control pests. For example, growing basil near your strawberries will help repel harmful insects like aphids and Japanese beetles.

Improved growth: Another benefit of companion planting is that it can improve the growth of your plants. For example, growing borage near strawberries will help improve the health and yield of the strawberry plants.

So if you’re looking to get more out of your strawberry patch, consider companion planting!

Which plants are good companions for strawberries?

One of the most important things to consider when companion planting for strawberries is what will grow well beneath the strawberry plants. A good option is to plant low-growing herbs or other plants that won’t compete for space with the strawberries. Thyme, sage, and oregano are all good options. You can also plant lettuce or other greens underneath the strawberries, as they will benefit from the shade that the larger plants provide.

Another thing to consider when companion planting for strawberries is what other fruits or vegetables you want to grow in your garden. If you want to grow tomatoes, for example, they make a great companion for strawberries. Tomatoes and strawberries both like full sun and well-drained soil, so they will do well together in the same garden bed. Just make sure to give them each enough room to spread out, as tomatoes can get quite large.

How to plant companions for strawberries.

If you’re looking to add some new plants to your garden this year, why not try companion planting for strawberries? This gardening technique involves planting different types of plants next to each other in order to improve growth and yields. Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Choose the right companions. Some good plants to pair with strawberries include spinach, chard, borage, and thyme.

2. Plant them close together. When companion planting, it’s important to plant the different types of plants close together so that they can benefit from each other.

3. Keep an eye on water requirements. Different plants have different water needs, so make sure to water accordingly. Overwatering can lead to problems like root rot, so it’s important not to overwater just because one type of plant needs more water than another.

4. Don’t forget to mulch. Mulching is a great way to help plants retain moisture and repel pests, so make sure to mulch accordingly.

5. Plant in containers or raised beds.


As you can see, companion planting for strawberries is not difficult. By planting the right combination of plants, you can deter pests and diseases, improve pollination, and get a bigger harvest. So don’t be afraid to try it! Your strawberries will thank you.