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Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Urine with dark-coloured orange hues

Our thirst mechanism when it’s working properly normally kicks in when the body is below just 1-2% of its total water content. By the time we feel thirsty we are already dehydrated, and studies show that about two-thirds of us normally are dehydrated at any time. But prior to actually feeling thirsty there may be another indicator that lets us know we’re already dehydrated. That indicator is the color of the urine, and may be an even more important marker for dehydration than thirst.

If a person urinates infrequently or when he does the urine color is dark that is a clear sign of dehydration. Dark-colored urine means that your kidneys are retaining fluids to maintain bodily functions. We do this when it senses the body is in crisis mode. The color of the urine should be a light-colored yellow, but even in this case there could be a twist. Vitamin B2, found in most multivitamins, can turn the urine a bright, fluorescent yellow. So anyone taking supplements should keep that in mind.

A dependency on fizzy drinks

If you’re one of those who find yourself drinking fizzy drinks frequently during the course of their day it’s very likely that you’re insufficiently drinking water. In addition, your body will become dehydrated but also the large quantity of sugar present in many drinks could cause some other health risks.

Tired all the time throughout the day

Many people are shocked to learn by the fact that fatigue is a consequence of drinking insufficient water However, it’s more frequent than you think. Water is vital to all bodily functions, to ensure that they are working properly and hydrated can result in your body trying to keep energy in reserve and you may get extremely tired.

Gain in weight caused by endless snacking

We have mentioned that drinking less water could result in hunger pangs that will lead to only just one thing…eating much more during the course of the day! You can now see how easy it is to gain weight in the event that your body is dehydrated and the fact that it reduces the metabolic rate.

It’s a fact that you always feel thirsty… but you’re unable to quench it!

It might be something that’s obvious however the first indication that you’re not drinking enough fluids is likely to be feeling thirsty throughout the day! If you’re not feeling satisfied after drinking a small amount of water, it might be your body telling you that it’s feeling dehydrated, and it’s time to drink more.

Incessant hunger pangs and you’re unable to be satisfied with

Do you remember someone who would tell that you should “have a glass a water” when you were hungry as a child? It turns out that they might have been right! The body requires water to enable your body to create energy from its glucose reserves, or else you’ll always feel hungry cravings.

Lips are chapped lips…even even when it’s not freezing outside!

Are you suffering from dry chapped lips that break easily, regardless of the number of lip scrubs or balms you apply? It turns out it could be an indication that you’re not drinking enough water , which means the body’s dehydrated and could suffer from dry lips.

An unending headache

Another effect that can be triggered by the high blood pressure that could result from dehydration is perhaps chronic headaches that aren’t pleasant and could affect your everyday functioning. If you’d like to maintain a calm head and stay away from discomfort, ensure that you have enough water in your system!

The bad breath that you fight to eliminate

It might be a surprise and the bad breath you have a hard time getting off might be a sign that you’re insufficiently drinking water. Dehydrated people may not produce enough saliva to flush out the bacteria in your mouth that can build up and lead to an unpleasant breath.

A rise in blood pressure

Dehydrated means that the blood’s water content may decrease, causing it to become more dense. The more thick your blood is, the more difficult for your heart’s pump to circulate it through your body. Consequently, you’ll have to exert more effort, which could cause high blood pressure.

Sugar cravings…ALL of the time!

As we’ve mentioned before, when your body isn’t able to store enough water, it will be unable to get access to glucose stores to fuel your body. The decrease in energy levels can cause you to crave food that is high in sugar however, the only thing your body needs to replenish its water reserves. When those cravings start to strike ensure that you drink plenty of water!

Dry skin due to the lack of moisture

Have you noticed that your skin is feeling dry, even when you maintain your skin moisturized and clean? In case you don’t drink enough fluids, your skin could be dehydrated, and this could cause it to dry out. Therefore, if you wish to maintain your skin’s health and stay hydrated, drink more fluids!

Frequent muscle cramps during exercise

If you often experience muscle cramps, especially when you exercise it could be because you’re drinking too little water. The body sweats to cool itself and if it isn’t hydrated enough to sweat, it could cause severe cramps in your muscles.

Skin breakouts that are not healthy

Are you aware that your skin is getting worse and you’re noticing more spots than you’re used to? It may be related to the amount of water you’re drinking, as your body requires well-hydrated to flush out the toxins that are in your system. In the event that you’re drinking insufficient fluids and toxins are accumulating, they could be accumulating and result in breakouts.

A reduction on the amount of bathroom trips you’re taking

It’s pretty obvious but in case you didn’t noticed the sign…if you do not drink enough fluids and you don’t have the need to urinate as often. This is not good for your body as your kidneys require fluids in order to function and eliminate toxic substances in your body.

So how can you avoid dehydration?

– When you sleep your body doesn’t receive any water for several hours. Drink a glass as soon as you wake up ~ this will also help you to wake up in the morning.
– Drink water slowly throughout the day ~ don’t think that you can get your whole water intake by drinking 1.5 litres in one go, you will feel very sick!
– Keep a bottle of water by you at all times, if sitting at a desk keep it in front of you and keep sipping throughout the day.
– Regularly eat fluid rich fruits and vegetables.
– Avoid salty foods as these can dry you. Don’t cut out salt altogether as we do need salt in our diet.
– Limit intake of alcohol and caffeine.

If you’re not used to drinking a lot of water it will take some adjusting, especially as you will be going to the loo a lot more! And if you don’t like water then try to avoid adding sugary squash, instead try squeezing lemon juice in the glass then filling it with water.